Importance of a normal TSH

The TSH blood level is the best test to determine your proper dose of synthetic thyroid hormone.
The normal range in many labs is incorrect, in that the upper limit of TSH may be up to 5. The upper limit of TSH in people with no thyroid disease should be 2.5-3.Therefore the goal of thyroid hormone treatment in patients with hypothyroidism should be the same, about 2.5-3.

The appropriate medication to treat hypothyroidism is BRAND NAME sysnthetic hormone, L-thyroxine.
Generic thyroid hormone is available, but the stability and potency can be extremely erratic; that can cause your thyroid levels to fluctuate and cause potential symptoms. Brand name thyroid hormones such as Synthroid or Levoxyl are much more reliable than generic thyroid hormone.They are slightly more expensive than generic thyroid hormone, but the cash price should be no more than $35-40, and most insurance companies will cover some of that cost.

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Dr. Mark Silver MD